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Kyouto Hacker

10 Feb

Brad Hacker, one of the front drivers of legendary Bristol based drift team, Kyouto Drift has been working on a new project as you may remember from I previous post…



Here’s the 13b single turbo powered RX8 before its session in the paint booth.


Here a few sneaky shots I stole from the Togethia Facebook page ;)…. They won’t mind!








I haven’t yet seen it up close since completion but I bet that color is mind blowing!

Luckily I’m heading up to Dragon Performance this week in Devon with Tim and Pete from Togethia and il get a chance to see it up close!

Can’t wait!

:: James Young



10 Feb

Why must my birthday be so far away?!!





They will go pretty damn good with my Megasquirt…. Whoops, did I just let that slip? Oh damn!

:: James Young


2 Feb

You know that feeling…

When you start to feel less of a man?

Na, I mean I’m supposed to be this hardcore car enthusiast but lately I feel I’ve spent too much time behind the shutter and tapping on the type writer. This morning I woke up with a change of heart.

I got my lazy ass into the garage and got my hands dirty… Very dirty!

Remember this?

20120202-022201 PM.jpg

Well for those who don’t, this was the ’94 NA6 motor I swapped into Hayley, my old silver import. It’s literally done less than 2k since it was fully rebuilt and 1200 of that was a run in. In fact it’s still on it’s 2nd oil.

Well being a lover of pre 1991 roadster unfortunately I’m cursed with the inevitable short nose crank failure if I push the engine to it’s utter limits, so eventually I will wanna swap this motor in to the new roadster after I’ve done a little work on her.

As you can see from the shot above, it’s not looking it’s best in terms of clean. After this was rebuilt I gave it all a coating of heat proof black, polished the head and painted the valve cover but it’s all seemed to pit quite badly.
So I’ve split the motor from the gearbox and am gonna chuck it on the engine stand. Who knows, I may even buy some parts for it.

I have a few very nice little bits saved up for the project now, performance wise but I’ll talk about those another time.

Keep an eye out for updates on this as I think I have the bug again!

Now I gotta go to work 😦

:: James Young

’til Next Year

18 Jan

The Roadster passed no problem! Just thought I’d let you all know. Very happy with that result, as the car is nearly 22 years old!
Bring on next year!

I’m glad because that means I can start to build on a sturdy base. I’m not quite sure what the plans are for the titanium Mazda but I definitely want that retro Shakotan look, wide split wheels, hella low to the floor etc. I’m not really planning to do much to it performance wise I think as I would like to concentrate on something a little bigger to compete with next year. After visiting the guys at the Kyouto Drift garage a few weeks ago I’m really getting the urge to build a straight up drift car but only if money allows… As ever.

While I’m at it, here’s a couple snaps from Garage Kyouto Drift.

20120118-124022 PM.jpg

20120118-124039 PM.jpg

20120118-124055 PM.jpg

The yellow R34 belongs to Liam (aka Lum)
Togethia have been very intimately following the build process of this car. The new vibrant yellow paint looks so fresh and bold, it’s a clear winner.

The 13btt now single blowered powered RX-8 belongs to Brad Hacker, famous for driving the metallic fluorescent pink FD3-S RX7 that’s made it’s self very popular over the last year or so. This RX-8 however looks set to blow the FD away in style and performance, I couldn’t keep away from it while I was in the garage!

It was also amazing getting to meet up with the Togethia crew again to talk about dates and locations for 2012, it’s gonna be a crazy year, especially for me. I’ve never had the chance to go to so many places all in one year and to go for the purpose of Motorsport is much more than a dream come true. I can’t wait to start getting more heavily involved with Togethia in the crucial season, what an incredible opportunity and I’m so lucky! I have to thank Tim for referring me and of course Pete for giving me a chance.

That’s all for now anyway, take care everyone!

:: James Young

D Day

16 Jan

So it’s that time again, every British car owners most feared day… The day of the ever dreaded MOT test. For those unfamiliar with this annual ritual, it’s like a prostate exam for motor vehicles where they get prodded and investigated in whether or not the vehicle is safe for England’s fucked up, poorly maintained highways.

Well the Roadster is due and I was and still am a little worried. Did a few jobs on the car over the weekend with the help of my father. New rear tires which, admittedly have been below the minimum shortly after purchasing the car towards the end of the summer. I also replaced the faulty and irritating horn that was torn off in anger as it preferred to beep at elderly women walking their dog or stationary drivers waiting in front of me at the lights. Finally on returning home the night before test day I was informed the drivers side head lamp was out… Great!
Being an import with sealed beams it meant the whole lamp had to be replaced, luckily I have an Aladin’s cave of parts and this was a fairly easy part to Replace.

Few, so the big day is Tuesday and I’m still kinda worried about the rotten rear box but for all I know that could be the least of my problems. Let’s keep a positive out look none the less as she is a clean little thing.

I did also get a nice little gift for her too. With this roadster, eventually I want to go for a more British/Shakotan style retro ride so I was pleased when my dad found the wooden Lotus shifter knob that I had lost about a year ago. Fits in well with the Italian style wooden steering wheel.

20120117-121721 AM.jpg

I also bought a fake Trust GREX knob which I’ll save for another project in mind.

An update on the laptop situation;
The stupidly slow children’s type writer was eventually picked up by UPS but sent to the wrong address… In Germany. A few phone calls shall be made this week as spending £700 on something iv used and disliked for less than a month seems pointless. Time to play the compensation card I think.

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last two weeks but I have been tied up pretty badly. Hope all is well with all you JDY Motorsport fans.

Take care, updates tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

:: James Young

Mo’ Legit!

28 Dec

20111228-072657 PM.jpg

Went on a nice trip to the shopping centre today to pick up some things for the various pets at home and found myself wondering into the electrical/PC appliance store and found a good selection of Manfrotto tripods. I’ve wanted one for a little while now because the quality was supposed to be pretty dope… So after a quick play with each product on sale a quickly settled on a tripod that I preferred overall. Turns out it was the cheaper one of all.
I walked away with a bargain! £49.99 got me a Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01. It’s considered a small tripod but it was in my opinion just the right height but the part that swayed my choice was the head. It’s built for photo and video with a smooth panning movement and it all locks down with the wheel locking device. It’s like a sawn off shotgun grip, I love it!

20111228-074403 PM.jpg

It’s perfect, especially as I want to hone my videography skills, as well as try out panning shots with a tripod. Although nothing beats free hand pan shots.

Either way it’s definitely going to make my life easier.

Thank you Andrea (admin) for my after Christmas/few days before new years eve/best friend present!! 😛

:: James Young

My Favourite Italian Dish

21 Dec

20111221-035649 PM.jpg

Thought I’d tease with a very contrasted black and White iPhone shot of my Sparco 325 wheel. Can’t wait to start the Roadster Project!!

:: James Young

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