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Dreams or Cash?

16 Feb

What’s good everyone?

Yesterday I was faced with a pretty hard choice, a choice that effectively could destroy a huge dream of mine.
Let me explain, as most of you regular readers will know over the last year things have got increasingly bad for me financially and its not really getting any better. My main source of income at the moment is a minimum wage (at best) bar job, which currently is hardly getting me by at all.

Yesterday I was offered a pretty good job, vehicle repair related and it was pretty much right up my street not to mention that I’d probably be on a better wage and a solid salary with a few more perks… What am I moaning about?

Well it’s all good yea but where does this leave me with my other commitments? The job offered to me was from Monday to Saturday which means this…
No car events, drift events, car shows ect ect which in turn means a whole lot else. No Photography or coverage on JDY Motorsport and worst of all is that I would have to give up my work with Togethia.

I made no snap decision thats for sure! I rang a few close friends and my mummy to talk about it which was also difficult because they all pretty much said the same thing… go for the job!

This made me feel incredibly upset but I knew that at the end of it all, it’s only up to me and I should do what I think is best for me. I sat back and thought for a second…


Right, I’ve decided I will give up my weekends and photography and simultaneously end my JDY Motorsport and any chance of a dream career in Motorsport media, meaning I call up Togethia’s executive producer and tell him that I am unable to do any more work for the company in its crucial first years. I’m gonna go for the job and get a bit more financially secure, buy a bigger car and maybe pile on a few more pounds around the waist.

….Obviously this thought was worth committing suicide over so I then thought to myself…

I’m going to continue doing what I love and continue my dream of working with and along side, in my eyes the next best thing to happen to the world of alternative and mainstream Motorsport media productions, not forgetting meeting and working with some of the most interesting and fun people I’ve ever met. To say I am a part of Togethia gives me great happiness and I don’t think any amount of money could ever make me happier but if by chance I win on a few scratch cards along the way then that’s fine with me.

By all means I may look back in a few years and think maybe I shoulda’ gone for the job instead…

Naah! No way!

How many people can look back in their life and say that they followed their dreams and not their wages? In fact I think thats a great saying and I may have to copyright that saying.

“Follow your dreams, not your wages”
James Young

I may struggle but at least I’m happy

:: James Young


Kyouto Hacker

10 Feb

Brad Hacker, one of the front drivers of legendary Bristol based drift team, Kyouto Drift has been working on a new project as you may remember from I previous post…



Here’s the 13b single turbo powered RX8 before its session in the paint booth.


Here a few sneaky shots I stole from the Togethia Facebook page ;)…. They won’t mind!








I haven’t yet seen it up close since completion but I bet that color is mind blowing!

Luckily I’m heading up to Dragon Performance this week in Devon with Tim and Pete from Togethia and il get a chance to see it up close!

Can’t wait!

:: James Young

Get Down…

1 Feb

Hello everybody!

I’ve decided that it’s time I had a little help with the blog.

I need a couple of guys to help out with write ups and photography, you don’t need to be a whizz at both, you can just specialise in one.

This year is going to keep me very busy and although I will be attending a lot of shows, meets and events, most of my work will be through Togethia so could do with a regular attender of various interesting automotive events, particularly drift. The reason I say this is because you will need to make your own way to events but I can provide media passes and JDY Motorsport high vis vests, providing you live in the Uk.

Although JDY is not able to provide payment for anything you do it also means that any work you do is your own and is not the property of JDY Motorsport which means it can be used for other purposes if you like.
Being part of JDY means that your work will receive plenty of exposure and may lead on to a dream career.

As a contributor, you will be given access to all posting facilities with a login username and password.

Like last time I’m going to hold a competition style audition process.
You can enter a number of ways, as follows…

1, Email me a bunch of automotive photography with water marks, before and after editing. (photography without watermarks will not be counted)

2, Email me a short 3 paragraph write up of an event or show you have attended. Must be car related and must be your own article.

3, Do a full feature write up using your own photography and wording. These must be supplied with non edited photography for proof of originality.

4, Provide a link to your own current blog, state how long you have worked on it and and average monthly views (based on last 6 months)

Emails must be send to:

Feel free to email with any queries you may have, for example people living outside the Uk.

Competition ends 1st of May 2012

Thanks for the interest.

:: James Young

Walton&JPP Unseen Shots Pt:1

31 Jan

:: James Young


29 Jan


:: James Young

Broken Records

28 Jan

Its coming up to the end of the first month of 2012 and in terms of views, January 2012 has broken the record number of monthly views making it my best month yet!

Not a bad way at all to start off the year!

Thanks to all the viewers, fans, likers, sharers, Tweeters and ofcourse subscribers!!

For this, you all get a new header shot. The Jap Performance Parts built GC8 TypeR RB25det Impreza, Driven by Walton ‘Wheres Wally’ Smith.

Can’t stress enough how grateful I am to everyone for a great start to the year. Thank you all so so much!

:: James Young

Import Shipment.

28 Jan

On Tuesday I was invited down to Southampton docks to give Pete and Mark from Togethia a hand with some filming work. Sajid Moghal was picking up some freshly imported, crash damaged Evo’s and Impreza’s for his company. Saj’ is the owner of the widely known Crawley based company ‘Jap Performance Parts’

Jap Performance Parts are in basic terms a supplier or breaker for used performance JDM parts. Before today I hadn’t got to spend much time with Saj but after spending the day with him, the rumors of his awesomeness were very much more than truthful.

Arriving at the boat named Morning Crown was overwhelming. Its sheer size was one thing but the inside was a whole other story! The internals of the boat were just wide open platforms for storing. Also aboard were plenty of accommodation for the crew as well as an outdoor basketball court to keep them all occupied on those endless sea journeys around the world. We were allowed to visit the captains bridge which was an array of unfamiliar buttons and levers, so much so that it took us ages to find the air-horn… but Pete was on the case!

The seven cars were offloaded and we left the ship to film the cars re-loading on to a CarTravel lorry including my little underpowered daily Roadster. Pete and Saj headed back to JPP whilst me and Mark carried on getting soaked by the rain and poor drainage Dock 4 offered. Once the cars were loaded and good to go we were very politely interrigated on our clearance to film and allowed to leave.

The shipment was unloaded at JPP as Togethia filmed. Saj gave me the grand tour of the premises and it was pretty mind blowing due to some of the pure JDM aftermarket parts, some of which discontinued. I particularly fell in love with the collection of seriously sought after wheels. Whilst on my journey round the units I came across Saj’s TA27, in black, fitted with wide Wats and instantly told him I would quite frankly die to own this car… Part of me was hoping he would pull out a knife and cut me right there on the spot! Sadly, I got no pictures of it but I’m sure another chance will come.

JPP is the kind of company I would love to be involved with. The atmosphere is pretty incredible and everyone loves what they do and loves working for Saj. It was a great feeling to see two determined business owners in one room, being Saj and Peter Farrow, with their heads firmly screwed on.

We all discussed plans for this year and although I cant attempt to reveal anything what I will tell you is this…. 2012 will be a ground breaking year on many accounts that are of interest to you and I and not only do I get to watch first hand but I get to be involved with the development too which makes me extremely lucky, extremely happy and of course extremely grateful to all the Togethia crew.

As always my next adventure with Togethia can’t come sooner. This trip was incredible and just made one hell of an epic day out, thanks to everyone!

Here are a few shots I took from the day via iPhone:

20120128-114920 AM.jpg

20120128-114937 AM.jpg

20120128-114952 AM.jpg

20120128-115003 AM.jpg

20120128-115012 AM.jpg

20120128-115030 AM.jpg

20120128-115038 AM.jpg

20120128-115050 AM.jpg

20120128-115101 AM.jpg

20120128-115123 AM.jpg

20120128-115132 AM.jpg

20120128-115143 AM.jpg

20120128-115201 AM.jpg

20120128-115208 AM.jpg

20120128-115238 AM.jpg

Last shot by Jas at JPP.

Massive thanks to Peter Farrow, Mark Henderson, Sajid Maghal, JapPerformance Parts and CarTravel Logistics

:: James Young

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