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10 Feb

Why must my birthday be so far away?!!





They will go pretty damn good with my Megasquirt…. Whoops, did I just let that slip? Oh damn!

:: James Young



2 Feb

You know that feeling…

When you start to feel less of a man?

Na, I mean I’m supposed to be this hardcore car enthusiast but lately I feel I’ve spent too much time behind the shutter and tapping on the type writer. This morning I woke up with a change of heart.

I got my lazy ass into the garage and got my hands dirty… Very dirty!

Remember this?

20120202-022201 PM.jpg

Well for those who don’t, this was the ’94 NA6 motor I swapped into Hayley, my old silver import. It’s literally done less than 2k since it was fully rebuilt and 1200 of that was a run in. In fact it’s still on it’s 2nd oil.

Well being a lover of pre 1991 roadster unfortunately I’m cursed with the inevitable short nose crank failure if I push the engine to it’s utter limits, so eventually I will wanna swap this motor in to the new roadster after I’ve done a little work on her.

As you can see from the shot above, it’s not looking it’s best in terms of clean. After this was rebuilt I gave it all a coating of heat proof black, polished the head and painted the valve cover but it’s all seemed to pit quite badly.
So I’ve split the motor from the gearbox and am gonna chuck it on the engine stand. Who knows, I may even buy some parts for it.

I have a few very nice little bits saved up for the project now, performance wise but I’ll talk about those another time.

Keep an eye out for updates on this as I think I have the bug again!

Now I gotta go to work 😦

:: James Young

Get Down…

1 Feb

Hello everybody!

I’ve decided that it’s time I had a little help with the blog.

I need a couple of guys to help out with write ups and photography, you don’t need to be a whizz at both, you can just specialise in one.

This year is going to keep me very busy and although I will be attending a lot of shows, meets and events, most of my work will be through Togethia so could do with a regular attender of various interesting automotive events, particularly drift. The reason I say this is because you will need to make your own way to events but I can provide media passes and JDY Motorsport high vis vests, providing you live in the Uk.

Although JDY is not able to provide payment for anything you do it also means that any work you do is your own and is not the property of JDY Motorsport which means it can be used for other purposes if you like.
Being part of JDY means that your work will receive plenty of exposure and may lead on to a dream career.

As a contributor, you will be given access to all posting facilities with a login username and password.

Like last time I’m going to hold a competition style audition process.
You can enter a number of ways, as follows…

1, Email me a bunch of automotive photography with water marks, before and after editing. (photography without watermarks will not be counted)

2, Email me a short 3 paragraph write up of an event or show you have attended. Must be car related and must be your own article.

3, Do a full feature write up using your own photography and wording. These must be supplied with non edited photography for proof of originality.

4, Provide a link to your own current blog, state how long you have worked on it and and average monthly views (based on last 6 months)

Emails must be send to:

Feel free to email with any queries you may have, for example people living outside the Uk.

Competition ends 1st of May 2012

Thanks for the interest.

:: James Young

D Day

16 Jan

So it’s that time again, every British car owners most feared day… The day of the ever dreaded MOT test. For those unfamiliar with this annual ritual, it’s like a prostate exam for motor vehicles where they get prodded and investigated in whether or not the vehicle is safe for England’s fucked up, poorly maintained highways.

Well the Roadster is due and I was and still am a little worried. Did a few jobs on the car over the weekend with the help of my father. New rear tires which, admittedly have been below the minimum shortly after purchasing the car towards the end of the summer. I also replaced the faulty and irritating horn that was torn off in anger as it preferred to beep at elderly women walking their dog or stationary drivers waiting in front of me at the lights. Finally on returning home the night before test day I was informed the drivers side head lamp was out… Great!
Being an import with sealed beams it meant the whole lamp had to be replaced, luckily I have an Aladin’s cave of parts and this was a fairly easy part to Replace.

Few, so the big day is Tuesday and I’m still kinda worried about the rotten rear box but for all I know that could be the least of my problems. Let’s keep a positive out look none the less as she is a clean little thing.

I did also get a nice little gift for her too. With this roadster, eventually I want to go for a more British/Shakotan style retro ride so I was pleased when my dad found the wooden Lotus shifter knob that I had lost about a year ago. Fits in well with the Italian style wooden steering wheel.

20120117-121721 AM.jpg

I also bought a fake Trust GREX knob which I’ll save for another project in mind.

An update on the laptop situation;
The stupidly slow children’s type writer was eventually picked up by UPS but sent to the wrong address… In Germany. A few phone calls shall be made this week as spending £700 on something iv used and disliked for less than a month seems pointless. Time to play the compensation card I think.

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last two weeks but I have been tied up pretty badly. Hope all is well with all you JDY Motorsport fans.

Take care, updates tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

:: James Young

Unsubtle Summer Wheels

13 Apr

Well I’ve Had My Volk Racing Daytona Wheels A While Now And I Always Wanted To Refurbish Them. Seeing As The Sunnier Months Are Here I Started Out Polishing The Lips To Mirror Finish, Which Took 18 Hours To Do Two Lips! Then I Couldn’t Decide On What Colour/Shade To Paint The Centers. So I Said To Hell With It Just Polish The Lot!

Here’s What They Came Out like . . .

Yup I’m VERY Pleased!

Here’s Them On The Car.

And One From The South Mimms Meet Last Sunday. What A Day For It!

If Anyone Knows Anything More About These Wheels I’d Love To Know 30 Pages Of Google Images Reveals One Picture! Made In 1993 And Polished 2011.

:: Benny Rees

14x5j to 14x13j, using a butane cylinder!!

18 Jul

Check out this pretty RAD vid, always had a soft spot for banded steels which is why I’ve kept a spare set of 14x5j’s. ^__^

Would look super sick on the Roadster!

:: James Young

Drive By Shootin’

28 May

I found a pretty awesome little device today whilst routing around some trash at work. It was a suction mount thing, not sure what it was for but with a little modification with a tap and die set and a few spacers I ended up with this….

Obviously I’m pretty excited, this opens up so many potentially legendary shots!
How does the saying go? One man’s trash is another man’s…

:: James Young

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