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Dreams or Cash?

16 Feb

What’s good everyone?

Yesterday I was faced with a pretty hard choice, a choice that effectively could destroy a huge dream of mine.
Let me explain, as most of you regular readers will know over the last year things have got increasingly bad for me financially and its not really getting any better. My main source of income at the moment is a minimum wage (at best) bar job, which currently is hardly getting me by at all.

Yesterday I was offered a pretty good job, vehicle repair related and it was pretty much right up my street not to mention that I’d probably be on a better wage and a solid salary with a few more perks… What am I moaning about?

Well it’s all good yea but where does this leave me with my other commitments? The job offered to me was from Monday to Saturday which means this…
No car events, drift events, car shows ect ect which in turn means a whole lot else. No Photography or coverage on JDY Motorsport and worst of all is that I would have to give up my work with Togethia.

I made no snap decision thats for sure! I rang a few close friends and my mummy to talk about it which was also difficult because they all pretty much said the same thing… go for the job!

This made me feel incredibly upset but I knew that at the end of it all, it’s only up to me and I should do what I think is best for me. I sat back and thought for a second…


Right, I’ve decided I will give up my weekends and photography and simultaneously end my JDY Motorsport and any chance of a dream career in Motorsport media, meaning I call up Togethia’s executive producer and tell him that I am unable to do any more work for the company in its crucial first years. I’m gonna go for the job and get a bit more financially secure, buy a bigger car and maybe pile on a few more pounds around the waist.

….Obviously this thought was worth committing suicide over so I then thought to myself…

I’m going to continue doing what I love and continue my dream of working with and along side, in my eyes the next best thing to happen to the world of alternative and mainstream Motorsport media productions, not forgetting meeting and working with some of the most interesting and fun people I’ve ever met. To say I am a part of Togethia gives me great happiness and I don’t think any amount of money could ever make me happier but if by chance I win on a few scratch cards along the way then that’s fine with me.

By all means I may look back in a few years and think maybe I shoulda’ gone for the job instead…

Naah! No way!

How many people can look back in their life and say that they followed their dreams and not their wages? In fact I think thats a great saying and I may have to copyright that saying.

“Follow your dreams, not your wages”
James Young

I may struggle but at least I’m happy

:: James Young


Get Down…

1 Feb

Hello everybody!

I’ve decided that it’s time I had a little help with the blog.

I need a couple of guys to help out with write ups and photography, you don’t need to be a whizz at both, you can just specialise in one.

This year is going to keep me very busy and although I will be attending a lot of shows, meets and events, most of my work will be through Togethia so could do with a regular attender of various interesting automotive events, particularly drift. The reason I say this is because you will need to make your own way to events but I can provide media passes and JDY Motorsport high vis vests, providing you live in the Uk.

Although JDY is not able to provide payment for anything you do it also means that any work you do is your own and is not the property of JDY Motorsport which means it can be used for other purposes if you like.
Being part of JDY means that your work will receive plenty of exposure and may lead on to a dream career.

As a contributor, you will be given access to all posting facilities with a login username and password.

Like last time I’m going to hold a competition style audition process.
You can enter a number of ways, as follows…

1, Email me a bunch of automotive photography with water marks, before and after editing. (photography without watermarks will not be counted)

2, Email me a short 3 paragraph write up of an event or show you have attended. Must be car related and must be your own article.

3, Do a full feature write up using your own photography and wording. These must be supplied with non edited photography for proof of originality.

4, Provide a link to your own current blog, state how long you have worked on it and and average monthly views (based on last 6 months)

Emails must be send to:

Feel free to email with any queries you may have, for example people living outside the Uk.

Competition ends 1st of May 2012

Thanks for the interest.

:: James Young

Random Thoughts…

18 Oct

So I’ve finally gone out and bought myself a new laptop and have sat staring at the admin page thinking of things to post. I’ve been thinking a lot about Roadster recently and have been dreaming up builds in my head which I think all car enthusiasts do at multiple occasions throughout the quiet moments of their work days…. or is it just me?

Well when it comes to Roadsters I would love to theme my next project on retro, touge, manji, time attack, Japanese budget builds but keep a clean element to it and also incorporating a bit of stance to finish off the exterior but when it comes to the powerplant that’s when my mind over flows with ideas.

Its an exhausting feeling having all these different engine builds buzzing around inside my head, I start by thinking about taking the Roadster back to its roots in 1960’s England as the MX-5/Roadster/Miata was based on the classic British Lotus sports car. This makes me want to strip off that EFI and set up a set of twin carbs, either Webbers and Solex’s if I could find them and fit on a nice HKS 4-2-1 header but with a glasspacked cherry bomb tailpipe and go blasting down the South-Western British B-roads. Yea exactly, you’ve also fallen in love with this car just by hearing about it but even though it would be such great fun you start to have doubts about it and ask yourself two important questions which make your nostalgic buzz slowly die out…

#1 Is it really worth spending all that cash out just to make your car travel back to the dark ages where cars were constantly being tinkered with and always going wrong and becoming unreliable? I mean in my case this is my daily driver and I cant afford to break down on a cold English winters morning!

#2 Is it also really worth hyping about when you spend all that money on tuning when u get very little power gain if any at all? There is a mountain of reasons why we use fuel injection these days and no car manufacturer would find it efficient enough to return to using carburetted engines.

Next on the list is not too dissimilar and that is the fuel injected individual throttle bodies. A new set-up had been released earlier this year from the respectable English ITB company Jenvey. Now the reasons why I would go for this set up is because you get most of the fun out of having a carburetted engine including sound and throttle responsiveness but with this option its easy to tune and easy to get worthwhile power gains from setting up with a piggy back or standalone management system. Along with this you can add the 4-2-1 headers and maybe a set of aftermarket intake and exhaust cams with your choice of duration angle. One of the main issues with this set-up are what I call “the addiction factor” which could be a disease to only me but I know once I’d have the ITB’s set up I’d want to start getting more and more power out of the motor by squeezing every little pony I could find.

With most N/A engines this is easy but with the B6ZE motors they were once upon a time turbo charged in the Mazda 323 GTR which makes doing things like headwork and cams etc seem pointless as a much cheaper, easier way to gain better power from the engine is to add a forced induction set-up whether it be back to the original turbo charged heritage or going down the supercharger route. Both extremely effective with a standalone system, upgraded injectors intercooler etc as the standard MX-5 motor can take around about a safe 230-250hp with no aftermarket internals which is impressive and so is the fact that those internals can withstand 15/16psi of boost!

So the F/I route is easily the cheaper and more powerful option of all of the 3 ideas and from my current situation of having a re-built spare engine and custom turbo header is far more convenient but I cant help also have doubts about this set up too. I feel that I wouldn’t have as much fun driving the forced induction set up which makes me want to go for the throttle body route and go all out on cams and natural engine power…

I could discuss another option entirely consisting of dream engine swaps but this post is already 700+ words long and I could double that talking about the pros and cons of engine conversions….

So I’ll leave it at that and say, no matter how much I think about it throughout the day I still cant decide on what I’d rather spend my money on.

If I had to make my choice now I’d say this; ”Times are hard and turbos are effin cool”

Thanks for reading and just to note as well, some of what I said could be hearsay and not entirely accurate but if you have any queries on what I’ve said e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Peace and love to all,

:: James Young


18 Apr

So first off lemme say a big happy 1st birthday to JDY Motorsport Uk and a big big thank you to all supporters and fans ect, if it wasnt for you guys I woulda given up a long long time ago thats for sure!

So, History. The post History is gonna be a special one, it marking the 1 year anniversary of this site but JDY has infact been around since 2006 and the point of this post is to take you back and tell you every thing from start to current, here goes…

It all started back in the summer of 2006, I was studying a car mechanics course at college. We were all asked to theoretically build a garage and price up the job using math and ICT ect. Part of this project was giving your garage a personal touch, being who I am I chose a motorsport/tuning garage. The first name that pops in to my head is JDY Motorsport and thus the idea was born.

Some months after that I found myself getting really into the whole virtual tuning thing using photoshop… 7 i think, back when no one knew what it was. I got pretty good at it so for my next ”on paper” project for my second year of college our task was to design a stand to show at a motoring event. Naturally, I chose to show JDY Motorsport.
I used the photochops I had done on photoshop as an example of a real life sponsor car for the garage and to get my pictures from home to college I created a fan page on Facebook. By the time the course had finnished the fan page had over 100 fans. So from there I uploaded everything I did to that page with amazing popularity.
I still use the same fan page today…

I lost the enthusiasm for a long time and concentrated more on forums if I was ever on a computer, this was actually the time I bought the Eunos Roadster. I went by the Alias of Blu-Pr!nt and went to my first local MX5 meet to meet some other owners.
I actually took a friend of mine along who was an aspiring photographer, something I was never interested in and he quickly got bored of taking pictures of boring MX5’s lol. Around lunch time I took him home and headed back to the meet to which I later realised he had left his Nikon D60 in my car… I picked it up and… well I had it for over a year before I bought my own. :/

I quickly grew in love with taking and editing photos and this is when the JDY Motorsport FaceBook page came back to life! I took the camera everywhere I went and realised that I needed a blog rather than uploading hundreds of pictures to Facebook. JDY Motorsport Tumblr page was born and failed quite quickly, I found that the site was quite ameteur to what I was expecting… I lost interest entirely.

It wasnt until I started to realise that there was so much going on around me locally in the Japanese car scene and this is when I met up with The South West Japanese Car Club, out came the camera and I started going to all the meets and making amazing new friends. Then from there I started going to other meets all over the country throughout the summer of 2010 and everything just felt awesome!
I couldnt believe the publicity my car and pictures were getting, all of a sudden people I had never met knew my name, it was crazy!
So from then on, you pretty much know the rest.

All I can say is, its been such a crazy year. All the amazing people Ive met and places Ive seen the thousands of friend requests on FaceBook from Fans of the site, the small time fame which means so much to me. Sometimes I go to places and feel like a celebrity and it makes me feel so good about myself. But as I said before time and time again, its all thanks to you.

I’m expecting huge things from JDY Motorsport this year and I wont stop! My enthusiasm for the site could never run out as it grows and grows with that views counter. Over the last year its become such a massive part of my life and if I lost it I would be losing myself.

So once more thanks to all the supporters, you’re the ones who have gave me the chance to get out and see the world of car scenes as well as other very interesting things around the world.


Peace and Love to each and everyone of you and I will garantee Ill always be here, Im not going anywhere for a very long time.

PS: I also wanna say a big thanks to Benny and Mark for helping out, you guys rock!

:: James Young


1 Apr

Many claim that the Uk Lexus IS200 is underpowered but physically I think they come across plenty powerful. Once I get the whole financial situations sorted I think that maybe one of these would be quite fitting for a reliable to and from work car… but you know that I’ll have something else planned for later, I always do. But with the fuck overs at work and the shocking reliability of the 180sx this is a good option.

What ever I get next will be strictly a comfortable workhorse, no performance upgrade of anykind… well that would be boring, maybe wheels, coilovers, exhaust, the basics but i think ill be concentrated on looks than anything else. At one point I even considered giving up Jap all together but that would be wrong, although I’m not ruling it out 100%.

One thing is for sure, No pre millenium, No turbos, No blind buys, No whims… this time I’ve gotta do it right and find something thats gonna treat me like a princess…

But as I said, I have something planned for the other side of me, when your man gets this money right.

New job(s) should help!

Anyway… Time Fo’ Lex!

Let me finish up with why I like the Tezza.

-Its reliable, practical and not too juicy
-It has that aggresive look
-I’m kinda fed up with having no more than 2 seats :/
-Japanese built
-Not many of these have been played with
-High quality features
-Most importantly, cheap to buy for the amount of car
-Theres prolly more but for now just look at the pictures 🙂

As most of you have seen Matt Beddis’s IS is a beauty and I have been lucky enough to go out in it, I’ve always had a real soft spot for it but the moment I first sat in it I was in love. Sounds kinda stupid maybe but it made me feel better about myself, like I was important… Funny how some cars make you feel.

:: James Young


23 Mar

I have this knack of finding the diamond in the rough type of cars. It’s incredible how many cars I’ve spotted rotting in random places, a few examples would be 1970’s Mini Clubman GT, 1975 mk2 4dr Ford Escort, BMW 2002, TR6, FB Rx7, VW Jetta GTI…which I bought for 50bucks.

On my daily comute to work I always drive past this old wreck of a shed near a small farm and notice the 3 import mk2 MR2’s one of which sat on some nice looking Wat RS’s. In the background a large white car stood covered in moss which on a split second view looked to me like on old Benz of some kind, when early one morning I went in for a closer look.
Turns out the guy whos dumped all these cars here must be some kinda import Toyota fanatic, the car sat at the back was infact a Soarer with a stunning shell. No dents, no rust, just a bit of greenery. Dispite my knowledge of wheels I am yet to figure out what the JDM splits are its sat on, I have a few ideas in mind but too afraid to say lol. There are alot of JDM Mesh style wheels about that look like this but what ever they are they look genuine, its just a shame there are no visible markings or centre caps.

Decide for yourself and let me know…

:: James Young

Japan, You’re In Our Prayers.

16 Mar

Sakura Flower,

Deepest sympathy to all affected by the tsunami in Japan, we’re all thinking of you.

A special thanks to all helping rebuild the structural damage.

:: JDY Motorsport Uk

Feel free to express your views on the matter.

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