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2 Feb

You know that feeling…

When you start to feel less of a man?

Na, I mean I’m supposed to be this hardcore car enthusiast but lately I feel I’ve spent too much time behind the shutter and tapping on the type writer. This morning I woke up with a change of heart.

I got my lazy ass into the garage and got my hands dirty… Very dirty!

Remember this?

20120202-022201 PM.jpg

Well for those who don’t, this was the ’94 NA6 motor I swapped into Hayley, my old silver import. It’s literally done less than 2k since it was fully rebuilt and 1200 of that was a run in. In fact it’s still on it’s 2nd oil.

Well being a lover of pre 1991 roadster unfortunately I’m cursed with the inevitable short nose crank failure if I push the engine to it’s utter limits, so eventually I will wanna swap this motor in to the new roadster after I’ve done a little work on her.

As you can see from the shot above, it’s not looking it’s best in terms of clean. After this was rebuilt I gave it all a coating of heat proof black, polished the head and painted the valve cover but it’s all seemed to pit quite badly.
So I’ve split the motor from the gearbox and am gonna chuck it on the engine stand. Who knows, I may even buy some parts for it.

I have a few very nice little bits saved up for the project now, performance wise but I’ll talk about those another time.

Keep an eye out for updates on this as I think I have the bug again!

Now I gotta go to work 😦

:: James Young


’til Next Year

18 Jan

The Roadster passed no problem! Just thought I’d let you all know. Very happy with that result, as the car is nearly 22 years old!
Bring on next year!

I’m glad because that means I can start to build on a sturdy base. I’m not quite sure what the plans are for the titanium Mazda but I definitely want that retro Shakotan look, wide split wheels, hella low to the floor etc. I’m not really planning to do much to it performance wise I think as I would like to concentrate on something a little bigger to compete with next year. After visiting the guys at the Kyouto Drift garage a few weeks ago I’m really getting the urge to build a straight up drift car but only if money allows… As ever.

While I’m at it, here’s a couple snaps from Garage Kyouto Drift.

20120118-124022 PM.jpg

20120118-124039 PM.jpg

20120118-124055 PM.jpg

The yellow R34 belongs to Liam (aka Lum)
Togethia have been very intimately following the build process of this car. The new vibrant yellow paint looks so fresh and bold, it’s a clear winner.

The 13btt now single blowered powered RX-8 belongs to Brad Hacker, famous for driving the metallic fluorescent pink FD3-S RX7 that’s made it’s self very popular over the last year or so. This RX-8 however looks set to blow the FD away in style and performance, I couldn’t keep away from it while I was in the garage!

It was also amazing getting to meet up with the Togethia crew again to talk about dates and locations for 2012, it’s gonna be a crazy year, especially for me. I’ve never had the chance to go to so many places all in one year and to go for the purpose of Motorsport is much more than a dream come true. I can’t wait to start getting more heavily involved with Togethia in the crucial season, what an incredible opportunity and I’m so lucky! I have to thank Tim for referring me and of course Pete for giving me a chance.

That’s all for now anyway, take care everyone!

:: James Young

D Day

16 Jan

So it’s that time again, every British car owners most feared day… The day of the ever dreaded MOT test. For those unfamiliar with this annual ritual, it’s like a prostate exam for motor vehicles where they get prodded and investigated in whether or not the vehicle is safe for England’s fucked up, poorly maintained highways.

Well the Roadster is due and I was and still am a little worried. Did a few jobs on the car over the weekend with the help of my father. New rear tires which, admittedly have been below the minimum shortly after purchasing the car towards the end of the summer. I also replaced the faulty and irritating horn that was torn off in anger as it preferred to beep at elderly women walking their dog or stationary drivers waiting in front of me at the lights. Finally on returning home the night before test day I was informed the drivers side head lamp was out… Great!
Being an import with sealed beams it meant the whole lamp had to be replaced, luckily I have an Aladin’s cave of parts and this was a fairly easy part to Replace.

Few, so the big day is Tuesday and I’m still kinda worried about the rotten rear box but for all I know that could be the least of my problems. Let’s keep a positive out look none the less as she is a clean little thing.

I did also get a nice little gift for her too. With this roadster, eventually I want to go for a more British/Shakotan style retro ride so I was pleased when my dad found the wooden Lotus shifter knob that I had lost about a year ago. Fits in well with the Italian style wooden steering wheel.

20120117-121721 AM.jpg

I also bought a fake Trust GREX knob which I’ll save for another project in mind.

An update on the laptop situation;
The stupidly slow children’s type writer was eventually picked up by UPS but sent to the wrong address… In Germany. A few phone calls shall be made this week as spending £700 on something iv used and disliked for less than a month seems pointless. Time to play the compensation card I think.

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last two weeks but I have been tied up pretty badly. Hope all is well with all you JDY Motorsport fans.

Take care, updates tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

:: James Young

My Favourite Italian Dish

21 Dec

20111221-035649 PM.jpg

Thought I’d tease with a very contrasted black and White iPhone shot of my Sparco 325 wheel. Can’t wait to start the Roadster Project!!

:: James Young

Random Thoughts…

18 Oct

So I’ve finally gone out and bought myself a new laptop and have sat staring at the admin page thinking of things to post. I’ve been thinking a lot about Roadster recently and have been dreaming up builds in my head which I think all car enthusiasts do at multiple occasions throughout the quiet moments of their work days…. or is it just me?

Well when it comes to Roadsters I would love to theme my next project on retro, touge, manji, time attack, Japanese budget builds but keep a clean element to it and also incorporating a bit of stance to finish off the exterior but when it comes to the powerplant that’s when my mind over flows with ideas.

Its an exhausting feeling having all these different engine builds buzzing around inside my head, I start by thinking about taking the Roadster back to its roots in 1960’s England as the MX-5/Roadster/Miata was based on the classic British Lotus sports car. This makes me want to strip off that EFI and set up a set of twin carbs, either Webbers and Solex’s if I could find them and fit on a nice HKS 4-2-1 header but with a glasspacked cherry bomb tailpipe and go blasting down the South-Western British B-roads. Yea exactly, you’ve also fallen in love with this car just by hearing about it but even though it would be such great fun you start to have doubts about it and ask yourself two important questions which make your nostalgic buzz slowly die out…

#1 Is it really worth spending all that cash out just to make your car travel back to the dark ages where cars were constantly being tinkered with and always going wrong and becoming unreliable? I mean in my case this is my daily driver and I cant afford to break down on a cold English winters morning!

#2 Is it also really worth hyping about when you spend all that money on tuning when u get very little power gain if any at all? There is a mountain of reasons why we use fuel injection these days and no car manufacturer would find it efficient enough to return to using carburetted engines.

Next on the list is not too dissimilar and that is the fuel injected individual throttle bodies. A new set-up had been released earlier this year from the respectable English ITB company Jenvey. Now the reasons why I would go for this set up is because you get most of the fun out of having a carburetted engine including sound and throttle responsiveness but with this option its easy to tune and easy to get worthwhile power gains from setting up with a piggy back or standalone management system. Along with this you can add the 4-2-1 headers and maybe a set of aftermarket intake and exhaust cams with your choice of duration angle. One of the main issues with this set-up are what I call “the addiction factor” which could be a disease to only me but I know once I’d have the ITB’s set up I’d want to start getting more and more power out of the motor by squeezing every little pony I could find.

With most N/A engines this is easy but with the B6ZE motors they were once upon a time turbo charged in the Mazda 323 GTR which makes doing things like headwork and cams etc seem pointless as a much cheaper, easier way to gain better power from the engine is to add a forced induction set-up whether it be back to the original turbo charged heritage or going down the supercharger route. Both extremely effective with a standalone system, upgraded injectors intercooler etc as the standard MX-5 motor can take around about a safe 230-250hp with no aftermarket internals which is impressive and so is the fact that those internals can withstand 15/16psi of boost!

So the F/I route is easily the cheaper and more powerful option of all of the 3 ideas and from my current situation of having a re-built spare engine and custom turbo header is far more convenient but I cant help also have doubts about this set up too. I feel that I wouldn’t have as much fun driving the forced induction set up which makes me want to go for the throttle body route and go all out on cams and natural engine power…

I could discuss another option entirely consisting of dream engine swaps but this post is already 700+ words long and I could double that talking about the pros and cons of engine conversions….

So I’ll leave it at that and say, no matter how much I think about it throughout the day I still cant decide on what I’d rather spend my money on.

If I had to make my choice now I’d say this; ”Times are hard and turbos are effin cool”

Thanks for reading and just to note as well, some of what I said could be hearsay and not entirely accurate but if you have any queries on what I’ve said e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Peace and love to all,

:: James Young


19 Aug

I’ve recently found myself getting more and more involved with my old flame the Eunos Roadster/Miata/MX-5, specifically the Roadster kind.
I’m constantly checking out the different forums over the globe and going google crazy looking for Roadster styles ect and it’s frankly driving me mad! Although I was severely ‘put-off’ them at one point thoughts of rolling around in my old Roadster bring me back to a somewhat happy place as if it were ‘meant to be’.

I do miss the experience of driving a good Roadster as theres not alot similar and the term go-kart handling doesnt come close!

Driving my daily UK mk1 Mx5, I went on a labourious journey of around 300 miles last weekend, which actually turned out to be a waste of time, caused a lot swearing and air punches to say the least! It didn’t help that the first 120 miles of the journey was nothing but flat straight 3 lane roads which cost me a nerve or two but the rest of the journey to the location and back home again, consisted of empty back roads. Meandering through old medieval market villages in the great mid west of England made me completely forget that I had wasted so much time, effort and of course fuel.

The day will once come again when I SHALL get myself another Eunos Roadster and it will blow my old one away!

… Mark my frickin’ words!

In the mean time, I need to cut back on looking at inspiring Roadster photography and build threads… and remove this library of different wheels specs from my head!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays people! Peace and Love!

-James Young

Say Goodbye to the Pouring Rain!

7 Apr

Its been amazing weather in the Uk for the past few days and I’m loving it! The temperature, blue skys, the sights and smells. It brings back the awesome memories from last summer and hopefully its here to stay.

So an important update for ya….

I left my shitty job and was offered a job at a pretty fitting establishment, MX5 Heaven. Mx5 Heaven is quite obviously an Mx5/Eunos Roadster/Miata specialist who pretty much do everything you can think of and the main focus is the reconditioned parts that are hard to come by. My job is to dismantle, store and pack the parts, old and new plus Im hoping to work closely in the vast development of the company. Expect BIG things from them in the next year!
…. Although Ive been swarn to secrecy for the moment but will feature all the amazing things as soon as possible.
I’m so happy I’m gonna be a part of it all.

Peace and Love to all.

:: James Young

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