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Unsubtle Summer Wheels

13 Apr

Well I’ve Had My Volk Racing Daytona Wheels A While Now And I Always Wanted To Refurbish Them. Seeing As The Sunnier Months Are Here I Started Out Polishing The Lips To Mirror Finish, Which Took 18 Hours To Do Two Lips! Then I Couldn’t Decide On What Colour/Shade To Paint The Centers. So I Said To Hell With It Just Polish The Lot!

Here’s What They Came Out like . . .

Yup I’m VERY Pleased!

Here’s Them On The Car.

And One From The South Mimms Meet Last Sunday. What A Day For It!

If Anyone Knows Anything More About These Wheels I’d Love To Know 30 Pages Of Google Images Reveals One Picture! Made In 1993 And Polished 2011.

:: Benny Rees


:: John Boakes UK Teg – Green, Clean And Reppin’ The Uk Scene

3 Mar

Last Sunday I Had The Chance To Organise A Photoshoot At The Old MAHLE Warehouse.

The Place Was HUGE And It Was Just A Petrol Heads Dream, Slippery Floors And Some Amazing Lighting For Pics.

I Took Over 350 Shots Of The Cars So Be Sure To Look Out For More As I Process Them.

Anyways Onwards With The Honda Goodness!

Sure You’ll Agree John’s Touches Are Brilliant And DEFINITELY Set Him Apart From The Rest Out There.

Also Please Check Out

I’ve Finally Made A Facebook Group For My Photography, Let Me Know If You Need Anything Shooting And I’ll Help You Guys Out!

Take It Easy Guys And Girls!

Rauchen With Woody’s M5

11 Jan


vi  (=Rauch abgeben) to smoke, to give off smoke

Few Months Back, My Buddy Woody Wanted Me To Photoshoot His New BMW M5.

The Sheer Amount Of Torque From The 4.9 Litre V8 Is Unreal. This One Is A Manual Too.

Wears A Set Of AC Schnitzer 19 Inch Wheels.

After The Motion Shot That Got Me Thinking That We Could Maybe Do A Few Drift Shots, Woody Informed Me That His Rear Tyres Were Getting Low So Why Not Ruin Them In Style.

A Few Drifts Turned Into Completely Destroying The Rear Tyres In A Massive Cloud Of White Smoke Haha

This Is What We We’re Left With!

JAE At Wicksteed Park, Kettering::

16 Sep

Soooo Last Weekend Was A Blast! For All Of Those That Missed It, You Missed Out. It Was My 1st Year There And Could Only Fit In The Friday Night And Half Of Saturday But Next Year I’m Doing The Whole Shebang.

I Was On The Orient Academy Club Stand, Where Slammed Honda’s Were Order Of The Day. The Stand Even Caught SomeInterest From Banzai Magazine.

Due To The Event Being Slightly Higher Up Country You Get A Mix Of The Usual Southern Cars And Some From Further Up North Which Made Things Pretty Damn Fresh!

Have A Gander At Some Of The Stuff I Liked!

See You Next Year!

:: Benny Rees

British Touring Car Championship – Silverstone

23 Aug

Right Time To Put The Motorsport Into JDY Motorsport With Some Shots I Took On Sunday. These Are Pretty Much My 1st Attempt Of Panning Shots With My Zoom Lenses. Practice Makes Perfect!


Orange Car Is A Ginetta If You Didnt Know

War Wounds On A Ginetta G50Z

Mmm Carbon

Red Arrows Did A Display Too

Perfect Mix, Girl + Racecar

Sweet Stance For A Racing Clio

If You Dont Feed Clio’s Enough They Start Eating Their Own Body Work

420Bhp Flat Six

:: Benny Rees

Introducing:: Myself – Benny Rees

17 Aug

Whats Up Guys And Girls! James Has Given Me A Place On The JDY Motorsport Team And I Thought I’d Introduce Myself Right Here.

I’m A Major Car Nut, Mainly Into The Honda Scene Now But Absolutely Love The VW Scene.

Have Previously Owned: Austin Mni, EG Civic, DC2 Integra Type R And Now Currently Own A CRX Del Sol SiR Import Which Is In The Process Of Being Slammed.

I’ve Been Using My DSLR For About Two Years, One Of Them Was Spent Travelling Australia So It Got Alot Of Use There. Shooting Cars Is One Aspect I Really Want To Get Into So I’m Definitely In The Right Place! Thanks J!

Not Done Any Studying On Photography As Yet lol But I’ll Be Starting A Course Very Soon And Hopefully You Guys Should See Me Progress.

All Feedback On Shots Is Appreciated.

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