Bad-Ass Bumblebee FC3

30 Dec

I think I may have blogged shots of this stunning FC3S before but not really given out any specs. Obviously this was from back in 2010 and half way through the build so I don’t even know how this car looks at it’s current state.

20111230-122148 PM.jpg

20111230-122157 PM.jpg

20111230-122207 PM.jpg

20111230-122218 PM.jpg

20111230-122229 PM.jpg

20111230-122246 PM.jpg

20111230-122253 PM.jpg

20111230-122302 PM.jpg

The car was build and drifted by Andrew Redward, a Cali raised dude later residing in the great NZ. The weapon here is clearly a FC3S Mazda RX7 with outstanding stature. From my little knowledge I’d take a guess as to say the front nose is a BN Sports JPN item with what looks like 25-30mm overfenders from possibly DMax? Unfortunately, Stay Classy, the Blog featuring this FC doesn’t give any clue to what the specs of the car are apart from the LS1 Camaro motor and thankfully the perfect Enkei RPF1 sizes which are, 17×9.5f and 18×10.5. It’s always good I find to fit a wider diameter wheel to the rear of FC’s as the front wheels always come off looking bigger than the rears… Some kinda weird illusion.

Awesome Mazda, perfect fitment, now I’m off to find recent pics of it!

:: James Young


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