Mo’ Legit!

28 Dec

20111228-072657 PM.jpg

Went on a nice trip to the shopping centre today to pick up some things for the various pets at home and found myself wondering into the electrical/PC appliance store and found a good selection of Manfrotto tripods. I’ve wanted one for a little while now because the quality was supposed to be pretty dope… So after a quick play with each product on sale a quickly settled on a tripod that I preferred overall. Turns out it was the cheaper one of all.
I walked away with a bargain! £49.99 got me a Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01. It’s considered a small tripod but it was in my opinion just the right height but the part that swayed my choice was the head. It’s built for photo and video with a smooth panning movement and it all locks down with the wheel locking device. It’s like a sawn off shotgun grip, I love it!

20111228-074403 PM.jpg

It’s perfect, especially as I want to hone my videography skills, as well as try out panning shots with a tripod. Although nothing beats free hand pan shots.

Either way it’s definitely going to make my life easier.

Thank you Andrea (admin) for my after Christmas/few days before new years eve/best friend present!! 😛

:: James Young


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