Angel Eyes Of LDN

18 Dec

Coming soon!!!

This week I completed an awesome photo shoot with Jon Powell and his aggressive E60 BMW M5 V10.

We did a few local shots but the main focus was around central London. We traveled up a few days before to scope out some really inspiring locations which proved extremely easy.

I can’t wait to finally get my laptop back up and running to start editing these stunning shots….

Meanwhile, here is a quick iPhone snap taken in Canary Wharf which we promptly got kicked out of for not having a permit for photography despite our desperate attempts to convince them we were from a popular BMW magazine.

20111218-040031 AM.jpg

Not too bad for an iPhone I thought…

Here’s a few other location shots I took from the drive around.

20111218-040215 AM.jpg

20111218-040226 AM.jpg

I need editing software back in my life!!!

The fact that we also witnessed 8 inter city hooded thugs rob a bus driver was great stereotypical entertainment too. Thanks to Mr. Powell the police eventually ended up chasing these thieves in the correct direction.

Brilliant evening all round. Thanks to Jon for giving me the opportunity.

:: James Young


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