Blu-Pr!nt Part II, The Start Of Something Fresh.

9 Dec

It’s halfway through winter but I’m gonna make a start now. I’m about to reveal the new 2012 Roadster project.

Blu-Pr!nt II

I’m so happy to be going back to a Eunos Roadster again, it feels so right!
This time I’m aiming to stand out from the crowd massively it the looks department and make this Roadster ten times as well known as the last. I’m not going to reveal any plans at the moment as the budget is tight so things will just have to happen as they come.

As before, things still apply like the rebuilt longnose 94 motor will end up in BPII but what I do to the motor Is still very much a secret. Other things that remain the same will be custom exhaust with a 100mm drop although I may go 110mm on the front end for a little rake.

Here she is after the second time I’ve ever washed her, she’s so hot. A few of you may notice that the colour is a little unique, well in fact it’s actually been stripped of it’s original red colour to a now more contemporary Storm Titanium, a famous Lotus colour that fits it quite well.

20111209-114250 AM.jpg

20111209-124445 PM.jpg

Here’s a little more info for you:

– 1989 Japanese Production NA6CE
– Short Nose B6ZE RS 1600cc DOHC Motor
– 116bhp 100ft Torque Model
– Viscous Limited Slip Differential
– 940kg Curb Weight

Parts to fit so far:

– TA Coilovers With Stiffened Spring Rates
– Long Nose B6 Motor
– Sparco 325 Race Wheel
– HKS Mushroom Air Filter
– Custom de-cat, Piping and CherryBomb Silencer ( ❤ )

I've got another couple of things lined up for the start of 2012 and the wheels are an obvious issue I have to look into.

I should be starting work on it soon so keep a look out for updates. This project will have it's own category to keep a relevant time line of the work carried out. I'm hoping this will be at many shows in 2012 and will get tripple the recognition my last one received.

:: James Young


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