Dreams Can Come True!

29 Nov

Life is a struggle, if any of you guys reading this know me personally, you know that I’m the kinda guy that tries his best to keep up a happy face regardless of the situation and you will also know what kinda bad luck and misfortune I’ve had over this last year with jobs, cars and money in general. Through all this JDY Motorsport has proved successful enough to literally give me some pride in my life.

I don’t wanna depress you too much with this post because in fact I have some awesome news that has actually made me happier than I think I have ever been. All my efforts with JDY have finally paid off and I can now finally tell you that I have been offered a place amongst the ever growing Togethia Media. Ofcourse I took it!


I’ve really admired Togethia over the last drift season as they started with very little other than a hand full of very determined and talented people and look how much they are recognised in the world of drift. Togethia have taken such a high quality and profession path in giving you the best in media coverage. With the company growing in size and popularity daily they’ve asked me to join the team. I’m so honoured by this as I know how much of a family these guys are and it’s gonna be crazy getting to travel around with them doing what I love most.

As well as photography I will also be trying my hand at camera operating and hopefully get in to doing a bit of video production which is something I’ve wanted to do since I studied media at school. I just have never had the spare cash for even the cheapest of equipment, my dream really hadms come true!

Obviously work that I do for Togethia cannot been posted on JDY but I’m sure I can give you links to stuff to keep you up to date with what im up to. So JDY will always be here and of course there will be other projects I’ll be working on in my spare time and other events.

So yea… I’m really excited and looking forward to the awesome time I get to spend with the guys, Pete Farrow, Tim Fare Matthews, Mark Henderson and Matt Higgins. Things are clearly looking up for me, I can’t wait to take my combined love for photography and alternative motorsport to a much more professional level.

Lastly just want to say a huge huge thanks to the guys for inviting me in 😀
Won’t let you down!

Happy Happy Happy!!!

:: James Young


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