Opening Up

22 Nov

Well being a blog I sometimes feel I should get involved more personally. Ya know, I mean connect with you guys on a same level basis and open up for a chat… I mean if you are a fan of this blog then quite clearly you and I have much in common.

So recently not only have I been thinking about the future recently, I like to also reflect on the passed months of 2011. From the get go this year has been a tragedy even up to the very point I’m speaking to you today. A lot has happened to me, I believe the main thing that crumbled my spirits was the overall state of my finacial situation. In 2010 I thought of myself as ‘comfortable’ but since the begining of this year I’v found myself just scraping by thanks to one great friend of mine but it wont last forever. So this year, theres only one real thing I want from the beared dude and that is to give me a break. I have so many awesome ideas floating around in this creative head of mine.
That said, that alternative life of mine that is JDY Motorsport has managed to flourish and I’m so happy about that. So much so that the outlook of JDY gives me a positive feeling about the new year of 2012, you see, I plan to make JDY even more a part of my life though it seems to have taken over long prior to this update. I’m hoping that with the financial aid of supporters buying my merchandise as of January, this should greatly help me shoot more by allowing me to travel further and maintain my equipment properly.

So lets all raise our invisible glasses…

Do it!!

I wanna just toast to a happy 2012 for you and me. Lets hope that 2012 is a year in which all get what they rightly deserve.

Without out sounding too soppy, you all do mean a hell of a lot to me. I mean if I didnt have you guys then this year really woulda sucked for me. Everytime I check out my hit stats its enough to wipe away any sadness because its amazing to know how much you guys enjoy what you see. I know Im not the greatest photographer in the world but the fact that you guys follow what I post is beyond heart warming.

Thank you all so much for pulling me through! You guys are awesome, dont go anywhere!

And to return the favour I’l do my up most to put double in to the blog next year, including give aways to a few lucky people.

Stay locked JDYers!


Love y’all

:: James Young


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