3 Nov

To most, that crazy guy in the mark two Ford Escort is a legend and a show stealer. I’m lucky enough to know the guy behind the wheel on a more personal level so its about time I revealed just what type of guy he really is and it really is a pleasure.

Joe’s first impression on people is always the same, he shows friendliness and kindness to any stranger or familiar face, modest, confident and down to earth. These phrases sum him up perfectly as well as being genuine and at most times a genious of comedy.
None of this however shows on track, its almost like all fury and animalistic insanity gives him the commitment to flick the car from left to right before entering huge corners at crazy angles without the slightest hesitation.

Seeing Joe out on track is a different experience, his 1970’s 150bhp, naturally aspirated, classic rally icon takes on 400 odd brake horse power s-bodies, Skylines and Soarers with ease and leaves them behind where they lack style and balls. Making a high powered car slide doesn’t take all the effort in the world but Joe seems to make it look just as easy with three times the style, flicking side to side, three or four times down the straight before entering the corner in top gear.

Not only does Joe drift but hes also a great grip driver and uses the same go hard or go home attitude that makes him stand out from the crowd after a rapid tyre change to semi slick. This lightweight rally icon is Britains own Hatchiroku, born in the 1970’s and still used today with unbelievable popularity in the classic rally events and is becoming a popular show car as well as drift cars with supporting names like Declan Munelly, Terry Davies and plenty of others.

I bought the car around 5 years ago for the purpose of using it as a road going Rally car, changing the diff completely enlightened my driving style and thats when I started drifting.
I wanted to build a car that was versatile and reliable but as close to a rally car as possible, I can drift the car well despite the low power because I rely on being able to enter the drift at a high speed and allow the weight of the car to manage the rest of the drift. After showing off in drift displays its back to the paddock and a quick tyre change allows me to snatch up some very respectable lap times, this car handles like you wouldnt believe!
At Castle Combe race circuit I managed to get a very commited lap time of 125.8 which is a great time for such a low geared car on such a drawn out circuit. With just 155bhp tyre choice is the key and as many people have seen, the commitment of hitting the limiter in 5th coming over Avon Rise the car is an animal which only I can tame.
I have one more event this year which I believe JDY Motorsport are attending then I have a lot of time off over the christmas period to take out the engine to replace the pinto with a 2.0L black top Zetec running around 215bhp after a fresh rebuild and Alfa managment taking care of feeding the new motor.
When I drive nothing else matters, its an obsession. When I’m in the car idling on the start line that feeling is so right, a spit to the hands and a rub together and I’m ready to take on what ever driving style is needed.

Joe Gubb
Gubsport Uk

Car Specs:
-1979 2dr MKII Ford Escort Shell
-Fully Seam welded
-Skid plate and Gusseted

-2.1 Pinto SOHC
-Lightened and balanced bottom end
-Kent Cam
-V6 pistons
-Inlet ported and matched
-Twin Webber 45’s
-Exhaust ported and matched
-Group 4 Exhaust header
-Custom Fabricated exhaust system
-RS2000 Sump
-RS2000 Bellhousing with standard type9 gearbox
-English Axle
-4.1 Tran X plated diff

-Front Coilovers
-TD6 Tarmac spec rear leaf springs
-2″ Lowering blocks
-RS2000 Anti tramp bars
-Twin cam ARB
-Adjustable TCAS and strut top mounts
-Quick rack
-Fully pollybushed
-13×7 Minilite style wheels

-Cosworth rear brakes
-M16 Calipers
-Red stuff pads
-Bias peddle box

-RMD Steering wheel
-Alimax all round
-Cobra Monaco seats
-3″ Harnesses
-Full Weld in cage
-Perspex windows
-Aluminium fuel tank

The car was built in mind to use for a wide range of motorsports.

Future Plans:
-Cosworth gearbox T5
-Atlas axle & LSD
-Willwood 4 pot calipers and hydraulic handbrake
-work on steering components to achieve more lock

2012 is gonna be a huge year for Joe, he plans on attending in more drifting events track days and possibly compete on a more professional level.

Joe Gubb is definatly one to watch in the new year!

If you wanna check out Joe’s Pinto’d monster then he’s doing one last event before the end of this year on november 12th for charity, raising money for The Bereaved Fathers Group by giving passenger rides. This event will be held at Chivenor airfield in Devon so keep the 12th of november free! After this event Joe plans to do crazy work to the car to get it handling even better and lighening the already hella bare shell. He says ‘lots of carbon fibre and a possible new paint job.’ He’l have those generic drift beasts shaking in their Rotas.

Final words from Joe:
I grew up to the world of racing and rally and would love to get into rally professionally but it is an expensive motorsport. I find I’m so relaxed behind the wheel, so natural and thats why I find it so much fun. I tend to set myself targets and am quite hard on myself if I dont get perfection, its all to do with being a crowd pleaser and thats not because I like to show off its purely for the entertainment of the people watching. If its not getting perfect angles its perfect lines no matter what the conditions are. I’m on a journey with no set destination but what ever happenes to me in 2012 I know I’m going to put in all the effort I can.

Joe Gubb is one in a million and a true lad, well done to you buddy for all you have achieved so far.

Thanks go out to Joe Gubb, Rick Cook, and the rest of Gubsport Uk for making this feature possible. Joe, I wish you all the luck in the world for november and 2012. I’m sure I’ll be seeing alot of you.

Joe Gubb wishes to thank the Gubsport Uk Team;

Richard ‘Cookie’ Cook- Bodywork, Mechanicals and Paint
Barry Furse (Uk Rallysport)- Sandblasting
Stuart Tucker (ST Racing / Endfield Garage)- Tuning

:: James Young



  1. jay thorne January 19, 2012 at 8:03 AM #

    any chance joe i can come driffting with you ?? side ways is the only way ahead!! currently building mk1 escort van cosworth for driffting!!

  2. dave kay November 3, 2011 at 6:21 PM #

    joe is a top man in his mk2 with out a shadow of a dought , everythin is flat out with joe , fair play mate you can drive that car way beond its limits

  3. Big mike November 3, 2011 at 1:39 PM #

    Ive met Joe this year through odc events and Combe drift demos.
    He’s a genuinely nice bloke who goes out of his way to make conversation and be part of the general crowd.
    His driving talents are top draw (which is frustrating if you’re competing against him which I do) and I doubt many others could make a pinto powered car drift the way his does, especially on power hungry high speed circuits like combe.
    Hope to be on track with Joe again next year as it’s almost as fun following and watching as it is drifting yourself.

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