Crazy Supercharged Lexus V8 Miata

20 Oct

I saw a shot of this from behind on Facebook this morning and went Google mad trying to find out more info. At the time I just assumed it was just a wide bodied grassroots type track project but it was in fact built by Wreck Racing of The Georgia Institute of Technology college with a hefty supercharged V8 from I’m guessing a Lexus GS or SC.

The idea behing Wreck Racing is to provide a hardcore fix for college students with a taste for racing. It’s all about buying cheap cars and making them into crazy powerfull grassroots monsters. Why we have none of this in the Uk astounds me!

It’s not about spending out a ton of cash, infact its the opposite. It’s about spending as little as possible and letting the skill and ingenuity take the glory and that ticks all the boxes for me.

The Miata in this feature has a theme based on huge power within a lightweight, nimble cornering vehicle and even though it looks crazy, I think its a winning design!

And this is the shot by CHANGAROO PHOTOGRAPHY that set it off for me, unfortunatly his Flikr is currently down.

Wow, yea, HOLY WANG!!

For more info, blog and pictures visit WRECK RACING

You can also find theyre Facebook group HERE

:: James Young


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    […] The guys over at JDY Motorsports UK came across our Miata and wrote a nice blog entry about us. Check it out here! […]

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