Random Thoughts…

18 Oct

So I’ve finally gone out and bought myself a new laptop and have sat staring at the admin page thinking of things to post. I’ve been thinking a lot about Roadster recently and have been dreaming up builds in my head which I think all car enthusiasts do at multiple occasions throughout the quiet moments of their work days…. or is it just me?

Well when it comes to Roadsters I would love to theme my next project on retro, touge, manji, time attack, Japanese budget builds but keep a clean element to it and also incorporating a bit of stance to finish off the exterior but when it comes to the powerplant that’s when my mind over flows with ideas.

Its an exhausting feeling having all these different engine builds buzzing around inside my head, I start by thinking about taking the Roadster back to its roots in 1960’s England as the MX-5/Roadster/Miata was based on the classic British Lotus sports car. This makes me want to strip off that EFI and set up a set of twin carbs, either Webbers and Solex’s if I could find them and fit on a nice HKS 4-2-1 header but with a glasspacked cherry bomb tailpipe and go blasting down the South-Western British B-roads. Yea exactly, you’ve also fallen in love with this car just by hearing about it but even though it would be such great fun you start to have doubts about it and ask yourself two important questions which make your nostalgic buzz slowly die out…

#1 Is it really worth spending all that cash out just to make your car travel back to the dark ages where cars were constantly being tinkered with and always going wrong and becoming unreliable? I mean in my case this is my daily driver and I cant afford to break down on a cold English winters morning!

#2 Is it also really worth hyping about when you spend all that money on tuning when u get very little power gain if any at all? There is a mountain of reasons why we use fuel injection these days and no car manufacturer would find it efficient enough to return to using carburetted engines.

Next on the list is not too dissimilar and that is the fuel injected individual throttle bodies. A new set-up had been released earlier this year from the respectable English ITB company Jenvey. Now the reasons why I would go for this set up is because you get most of the fun out of having a carburetted engine including sound and throttle responsiveness but with this option its easy to tune and easy to get worthwhile power gains from setting up with a piggy back or standalone management system. Along with this you can add the 4-2-1 headers and maybe a set of aftermarket intake and exhaust cams with your choice of duration angle. One of the main issues with this set-up are what I call “the addiction factor” which could be a disease to only me but I know once I’d have the ITB’s set up I’d want to start getting more and more power out of the motor by squeezing every little pony I could find.

With most N/A engines this is easy but with the B6ZE motors they were once upon a time turbo charged in the Mazda 323 GTR which makes doing things like headwork and cams etc seem pointless as a much cheaper, easier way to gain better power from the engine is to add a forced induction set-up whether it be back to the original turbo charged heritage or going down the supercharger route. Both extremely effective with a standalone system, upgraded injectors intercooler etc as the standard MX-5 motor can take around about a safe 230-250hp with no aftermarket internals which is impressive and so is the fact that those internals can withstand 15/16psi of boost!

So the F/I route is easily the cheaper and more powerful option of all of the 3 ideas and from my current situation of having a re-built spare engine and custom turbo header is far more convenient but I cant help also have doubts about this set up too. I feel that I wouldn’t have as much fun driving the forced induction set up which makes me want to go for the throttle body route and go all out on cams and natural engine power…

I could discuss another option entirely consisting of dream engine swaps but this post is already 700+ words long and I could double that talking about the pros and cons of engine conversions….

So I’ll leave it at that and say, no matter how much I think about it throughout the day I still cant decide on what I’d rather spend my money on.

If I had to make my choice now I’d say this; ”Times are hard and turbos are effin cool”

Thanks for reading and just to note as well, some of what I said could be hearsay and not entirely accurate but if you have any queries on what I’ve said e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Peace and love to all,

:: James Young


One Response to “Random Thoughts…”

  1. Yetidragon October 18, 2011 at 4:30 PM #

    Now you’ve got me wanting to start another project lol, they are so damn exciting in the planning stages 🙂 only just got bankruptcy on the road

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