Hoemobile or Track Weapon?

18 Oct

…It’s your choice.

I remember when I bought my first Eunos Roadster. It was bone stock apart from some imitation Mazdaspeed NB Sport 16” wheels. No one really knew about the craze that was about to take off, not even me. I used to hear all sorts of comments from people in the neighbourhood where I grew up and I had one simple come back…

”Ok, get in and lets see if you say that after 1 mile”

I gave out alot, and I mean alot of rides to car ignorant people and after a short B-road blast and a heavy right foot they all said the same thing when they hopped out the little homo hair dressers car…


Just goes to show that these cars were designed to hug the road, perform and on top of that have fun. If you’ve ever driven one you can feel everything thats going on and you almost become part of the car. Its a real drivers car and with even the most basic of upgrades, tires, dampers, ARBs, polly bushes the car becomes a more sinister road warrior that will keep you securely fixed to the asphalt unless you apsolutley want that broken traction.

These car are faultless in my eyes and over the last year its clear that these cars are getting the recognition they need, I like this alot!

(Photography rights go to mazdafitment.com)

:: James Young


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