19 Sep


I just wanna quickly say that the whole final event was one of the best things in my life to date. The feelings I got being so close to the action, the cars, the drivers and the podium were incredible and sent me home in a tired but extremely high spirited mood. Being the first guy to shake hands with winner James Deane after revealing his win was an undefinabe feeling, we briefly chatted before hand about how the day went and he seemed very relaxed although he said different.

I also wanna thank fellow press guys, Tim from Togethia Media and the great Will Belcher for making me feel welcome trackside. Iv been to alot of drift events now and to be ignored by other media is a horrible feeling, its good to have a friendly atmosphere where you can have a bit of a laugh and conversation whilst shooting.
Cheers guys, cant wait to see your work.

Also got to thank Rick from Cookie-sport and Andrea from the JDY Motorsport team for getting me there and back safely and helping with various equipment.

Fantastic weekend!

:: James Young


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