23 May

As some of you know, a company stole an image from this site and removed any credit/logo from it and then used it on their website. This is clear copyrite infringement.
Said company has now removed the image from their site.

As much as I love the idea of my pictures being spread out for every one to see, I love getting the well deserved credit for them more!

So this is a warning to anyone planning on doing the same, I know the law and will find out. If you wish to use my images/name on your site or blog I request that the logo be left in the shot. If you decide that the image needs to be cropped, deleting the logo then I require either a published credit or an email asking permission to do so.

On a more personal note, how would you feel if you spent time and effort on a piece of work and were really proud of it and someone came along, crossed out your name and wrote theirs on it?

Lets hope this doesnt happen again.

:: James Young


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