1st Gen AW10/11

9 May

This is kinda a spur of the moment post. It seems that in the last 5 seconds my views on the 1st generation MR2 have been changed quite dramatically.

Always a fan of MR2’s but the AW10 had me a little on the fence if I’m honest. The 2nd to none 1.6 4AGE motor is easily the best feature of the gen1 as well as where its positioned. I could flaunt the cars build all day long but the small aspect of the car I wasn’t keen on… the body. I’m wrong, I know I’m wrong because what we have here is my opinion. I’m guessing that a lot of people are thinking I’m wrong right now but to me the body shape looks to much like they tried to design it to be futuristic but in 1983 they watched too many space traveling films.

But, I have seen a whole different side to this car and can safely say I’m firmly on its side of the fence, for good.

…The car has been given a nostalgic touch which brings it more up to date if that makes sence. I’ve just fallen head over heels in love with the mid engine monster again and what makes me even more attracted to this car is how cheap they are to buy and run. Obviously not good for sideways fun but good fun none the less. There are many enthusiasts out there who would pay through the nose for one after a good bit of servicing and valeting. Dont give me ideas!

:: James Young


One Response to “1st Gen AW10/11”

  1. Benny May 9, 2011 at 4:42 PM #

    It’s Like A Baby FC.

    Never Seen One Of These I’d Liked Before!

    Nice Post Dude.

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