30 Apr

So last week was The Corolla BrotherHood’s AE86/Retro Toyota Meet and what an incredible turn out it was, props to Chay, Bamber and the others involved. The Main parking area at Ace Cafe in London was full of Corollas, Starlets, Celicas and more, it was perfect! The crowd was totally hyped up and it was such a great and friendly atmosphere and a great experience for me as this was my first meet this year.

I managed to spot a few familiar faces too, as you saw my last feature I caught up with Daze Cooper, had a good chat with Dan Bridle and even SpeedHunters turned up for some retro Toyota goodness. Reppin the JDY Motorsport T-shirt I got a few ‘Wassuups’ and this made me feel pretty awesome to know that people are recognising us.

There was also a few stickers flying around dedicated to the meet, which was a awesome idea. Its a great way to remember the meet plus all proceeds from the stickers go to help out Japan in its time of need… I bought two.

After taking in excess of 200 shots I thought it was time to call it a day, the temp just seemed to rise constantly. It hit around 27 just after lunch.

To conclude, everything was well thought out and everything ran so smoothly and I gotta hand it to Chay, he knows how to get a meet going! Hope to catch up with guys again soon.

:: James Young


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