18 Apr

So first off lemme say a big happy 1st birthday to JDY Motorsport Uk and a big big thank you to all supporters and fans ect, if it wasnt for you guys I woulda given up a long long time ago thats for sure!

So, History. The post History is gonna be a special one, it marking the 1 year anniversary of this site but JDY has infact been around since 2006 and the point of this post is to take you back and tell you every thing from start to current, here goes…

It all started back in the summer of 2006, I was studying a car mechanics course at college. We were all asked to theoretically build a garage and price up the job using math and ICT ect. Part of this project was giving your garage a personal touch, being who I am I chose a motorsport/tuning garage. The first name that pops in to my head is JDY Motorsport and thus the idea was born.

Some months after that I found myself getting really into the whole virtual tuning thing using photoshop… 7 i think, back when no one knew what it was. I got pretty good at it so for my next ”on paper” project for my second year of college our task was to design a stand to show at a motoring event. Naturally, I chose to show JDY Motorsport.
I used the photochops I had done on photoshop as an example of a real life sponsor car for the garage and to get my pictures from home to college I created a fan page on Facebook. By the time the course had finnished the fan page had over 100 fans. So from there I uploaded everything I did to that page with amazing popularity.
I still use the same fan page today…

I lost the enthusiasm for a long time and concentrated more on forums if I was ever on a computer, this was actually the time I bought the Eunos Roadster. I went by the Alias of Blu-Pr!nt and went to my first local MX5 meet to meet some other owners.
I actually took a friend of mine along who was an aspiring photographer, something I was never interested in and he quickly got bored of taking pictures of boring MX5’s lol. Around lunch time I took him home and headed back to the meet to which I later realised he had left his Nikon D60 in my car… I picked it up and… well I had it for over a year before I bought my own. :/

I quickly grew in love with taking and editing photos and this is when the JDY Motorsport FaceBook page came back to life! I took the camera everywhere I went and realised that I needed a blog rather than uploading hundreds of pictures to Facebook. JDY Motorsport Tumblr page was born and failed quite quickly, I found that the site was quite ameteur to what I was expecting… I lost interest entirely.

It wasnt until I started to realise that there was so much going on around me locally in the Japanese car scene and this is when I met up with The South West Japanese Car Club, out came the camera and I started going to all the meets and making amazing new friends. Then from there I started going to other meets all over the country throughout the summer of 2010 and everything just felt awesome!
I couldnt believe the publicity my car and pictures were getting, all of a sudden people I had never met knew my name, it was crazy!
So from then on, you pretty much know the rest.

All I can say is, its been such a crazy year. All the amazing people Ive met and places Ive seen the thousands of friend requests on FaceBook from Fans of the site, the small time fame which means so much to me. Sometimes I go to places and feel like a celebrity and it makes me feel so good about myself. But as I said before time and time again, its all thanks to you.

I’m expecting huge things from JDY Motorsport this year and I wont stop! My enthusiasm for the site could never run out as it grows and grows with that views counter. Over the last year its become such a massive part of my life and if I lost it I would be losing myself.

So once more thanks to all the supporters, you’re the ones who have gave me the chance to get out and see the world of car scenes as well as other very interesting things around the world.


Peace and Love to each and everyone of you and I will garantee Ill always be here, Im not going anywhere for a very long time.

PS: I also wanna say a big thanks to Benny and Mark for helping out, you guys rock!

:: James Young


2 Responses to “History”

  1. :: James Young April 18, 2011 at 9:41 PM #

    um ye, thanks Tim, RESPECK!

  2. Tinytim April 18, 2011 at 9:34 PM #

    Big love to JDY and the Funkmeister ‘y0

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