Irish, Ffrench, Toyota & Nissan…

15 Apr

Put it all together and you get this:

This Altezza belongs to the Speedhunters legend Martin (frenchie) Ffrench from Ireland. Martin has many many drift machines but this has gotta be my favourite at the moment. The shots from this feature have been floating around for some time now but I still find myself Googling Martin Ffrench SpeedHunters Feature from time to time just to soak up some awesomeness from this car.

As you can see, its not the normal Toyota motor lurking under the hood but a pretty ferocious 450bhp SR20 with a top-mounted TD-06…. PORNOGRAPHIC!

The best part of the SpeedHunters feature was how Paddy McGrath shot the photos, theyre brilliant!

Wexican Motorsport Toyota Altezza with SR20-DET Specification

1999 Toyota Altezza RS200
Wexican Motorsport Arches – made by
Wexican Motorsport Rear Diffuser – made by
Standard Rear Altezza Bumper with Lip
Vertex front bumper modified to Wexican Motorsport specification
Hippo Sleek sideskirts modified to Wexican Motorsport specification
Hippo Sleek rear spoiler lip
Wexican Motorsport carbon fibre front door skins – made by
Wexican Motorsport boot skin – made by
Origin GT Wing
Wexican Motorsport canards – made by
Wexican Motorsport tubs – made by
Universal carbon fibre mirrors
Lexan Marguard windows – made by Plastics4Performance
Late Japanese spec rear lights
Work CR Kai front wheels in 17×9 ET-5
Rota Torque rear wheels in 18×9.5 ET-5
Toyo T1R 225/45/17
Toyota Supra front brakes with Project Mu brake pads
Standard rear brakes with Project Mu pads
Braided brake lines
Wexican Motorsport rear adjustable lower wishbones
Wexican Motorsport rear adjustable traction arms
Wexican Motorsport rear adjustable toe arms
Wexican Motorsport rear modified top wishbones
4.1 final drive with Cusco 2-way LSD
Wexican Motorsport front lower wishbones
Wexican Motorsport inner and outer tie rods
Wexican Motorsport modified front hubs
Wexican Motorsport front tension rods and brackets
Wexican Motorsport front roll centre adjusters
Cusco top front camber arms
Wexican Motorsport modified front subframe
HSD Coilovers supplied by Driftworks
Cusco anti-roll bars (front & rear)
Cusco under-body bracing (front&rear)
Standard fuel tank with uprated Altezza fuel pump feeding swirlpot and Wexican Motorsport fuel return.
Five litre swirl pot in boot
Bosch 044 fuel pump in swirl pot
Braided fuel lines
FSE Bullet fuel filter
Greddy TD06-20G turbo
87mm Greddy pistons
Uprated rods
Unknown camshafts
Greddy fuel pressure regulator
1.2mm steel head gasket
850cc injectors
Uprated throttle body
OS Giken twin plate clutch
RB25 gearbox
Wexican Motorsport one piece steel propshaft
Wexican Motorsport wiring loom
Cusco bolt-in rollcage
Race Technology digital dash display
Greddy gauges (oil temperature, oil pressure, boost, water temperature, fuel pressure, exhaust temperature) and controller
Greddy boost controller
Sparco steering wheel
Sparco harnesses
Thrash Racing seats
Upright hydraulic handbrake
Factory heaters
Custom switch panel and light controls.

Link to the full feature and more pics, here

Shout out going to:

Martin Ffrench
Paddy McGrath
Wexican Motorsport

:: James Young


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