Fake Rims…

11 Mar

So doing a bit of browsing on the net, I came across something quite tastefull from the widely known company Rota wheels.

Rota are known and shamed for making copies, copies and more copies of sought after wheels in pussy-ish fitments yet just lately they seem to be getting the hint. Although buying Rotas is classed as a big cop out, I’m not one to justify the big spend on expensive wheels on cheap slags and this is why Rota shine. Many people in the show car scene wont get too far on replica wheels but for the people who use they’re cars for hard driving, cheap copies that are easily replacable if damaged sounds good to me.

These are the wheels that have caught my eye…

They are the Rota Shakotan, a copy of the sought after, retro JDM Hayashi Streets.

The fitment offered with these is quite impressive, the more interesting being the 15×9 et0. Ofcourse I could think of alot more creative diameters and offsets like 14×10 et-12 for example but the good thing about the 15×9 et0 is that it gives that retro jap racer look that caters for alot of different car models and means not much wheel maths is needed… just a fender flare.

I’m all for this wheel and fitment specs, If Rota started doing custom offsets and sizes this means bumping up the cost price quite a bit which defeats the object of a cheap run around wheel.

The company deserves some respect for what they are doing and should not be slated for copying wheels. Ye I guess it harms the origin of the wheel but in all fairness the Japanese copied an Italian wheel to create Hayashi Streets anyway and not many people realise that most sought after retro wheels are copies in themselves.

At JDY Motorsport we think copied wheels are acceptable… (in good offsets)

LOL, take care Gangstas and Hoes!

:: James Young



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