In Honor Of…

20 Feb

Saturday the 19th of February, the day that JDY Motorsport became 10 months old and the day I finaly got the s13 running. All it needed was a good battery like we had hoped but at some point I would still like to renew alot of the loom for peace of mind.

In honor of this slightly special occation I have gathered up a few shots of the GTR’s in the local area… Mainly at the Nissan dealership. I was originally attending a Fairlady meet but was so severely dissapointed at the 3 budget spec 300zx’s and two pretty standard looking 350z’s that the Nissan garage across the road was calling out… (because at this time of the month, 180 trips should not be wasted!)


I was kinda shocked at the selection they had there, at least six new GTR’s including the 2011 model in the stunning blue color. If I’m honest GTR’s arent really my thing, I know you think I’m possibly mad but the thought of such a high tech machine like that makes me feel slightly nauseous. I’m all about raw, retro basic fuel injected power, if not, carbs, tappets and push rods ;).
Although you can’t deny the photogenic lines of this mental monster of a Jap super car.

I thought it was awesome how right out front they had parked a moonstone blue 2010 BMW M3 next to a black GTR, these two cars of almost similar power and popularity look completely wrong as a pair. The GTR seems to just drown out the little naturally aspirated German sports coupe completely.

So in conclusion, Its not been such a bad week. Atleast I’ve posted something promising about the S13 this time but I still consider it to be a pain in my ass and I’m trying to make up my mind whether I should keep it and spend out on it or whether I should go buy something a bit more cash friendly.

Thanks for these amazing 10 months people, thanks to the recent followers and thanks to the guys that have been around since day 1.
Next stop is the 1year anniversary, I’m too excited to put into words.

Thanks again to you, the viewer.

:: James Young


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