19 Feb

Broken Robotz is a musical group fronted by Niko and BJ (Archie) Mcknight, I’ve been feeling this shit for around a year now. Niko and BJ are the sons of RnB legend Brian Mcknight, already part of a huge musical family, these brothers have managed to create such a contemporary sound and its caused such a huge underground buzz.
I guess its kinda a hybrid mixup of RnB, Rock and Hip-Hop genres remixed by a Owl City and Trey Songz feel, its incredible.

Over the Last year or so the Mcknight bros have been touring the world with their globaly known father and have really made a huge impression that is noticable through the views on the various blogs and YouTube videos, I’m a huge fan. It’s a refreshing change up from some of the bullshit you hear on most radio stations these days, especially in this country.

Just view the blog by BJ; Songs in the key of me.

The amount of tracks added to this every month just goes to prove how talented these guys are, awesome track after awesome track!

McknightBros YouTube

Good luck to them.


:: James Young


One Response to “BRKN RBTZ:”

  1. BRKN RBTZ May 19, 2011 at 6:21 AM #

    hey man – thanks so much for the love. we have been touring lately and have new tracks on our facebook page – would love to hear your thoughts.

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