8 Jan

Well, I’ve been hanging around SXOC for a good 3 weeks now checking out mostly cool 180s and PS’s but havent actually signed up.
Perhaps I should, Iv not had a good experience with forums in the past though. It seems alot of people are too over opinionated and quite arrogant at times and it can be a very tense atmosphere. Dont get me wrong, on every forum there are people who like nothing more than to help out a fellow enthusiast but when two peoples ”online” attitudes clash it can get very bitter and nasty.

Its always worth signing up to forums to ask questions, you know that someone will at least be able to point you in the right direction or if not, be able to diagnose and tell you how to fix the problem.
Plus there are always deals going on, group buys, freebees ect.

I first discovered forums years ago with my first couple of cars and I think now I’ve learnt my lesson, not to get to involved with the community and to just use it when in need or even if I find I might be able to help out other new members.

So SXOC here I come, I’ll be known as, quite obviously; JDY Motorsport.

Be gentle with me.


:: James Young


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