My Other Cars a…

3 Jan

I have just picked up the new baby today…

I’ll just jump in straight away, its a Nissan 180sx.

Its an ex drag car that ran nearly 450bhp but most of the mods have been stripped by the previous owner, the SR20 redtop still has evidence of its past with the…
-Forged Eagle conrods and pistons
-ARP head studs
– ACL Big end bearings
– Fidanza Flywheel
– 4 Paddle clutch
– 3.5” HKS exhaust system
– Front Mount
– Tein Super Street Coilovers
– Z32 front brake upgrade with 5 stud conversion
– Z32 Fuel Filter
– Uprated Hard wired fuel pump
– Battery relocation
– B&M Short shift
It’s still using stock injectors but on a T28 from an SR Black top, currently set at 0.6 (Until I get used to the power).

I’m guessing its around the 230-240bhp mark but i’ll be dynoing it on the 30th of this month.

Not really got a lot of plans for it at the moment which in a way is a good thing. Its not much to look at but still a head turner for sure, so most likely after paying it all off I can justify spending out on a dope set of rollers for her.

For now heres a teaser shot….

So Ive had it a full day now and I’m in love with it, all I wanna do is drive it with my boot to the floor. Gotta give a big thanks to everyone that helped out today, Rymer, Chapman, Josh C, my awesome girlfriend and most of all, Big Lee. The generosity the man has tops all, he really is a saint.
Thanks so much again for everything today.

Much fun to come…

:: James Young


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