New Years Evolution.

1 Jan

No, its not a typo…

Everything good must come to an end, a phrase we all know too well. Even though at some points in our life we have something so good that gives us endless amounts of happiness. We eventually come across a point when we must let go at a specific time, even though it can hurt. Most of the time, if you let your beloved go at the right time only good things can come of it.

You are most likely thinking… ”What is he talking about???”

Well, the time has come to put the Roadster to rest. I know I’ve spent alot of cash on her recently but bad luck along with the very very harsh winter we’ve just had over here has killed off the Roadster. She will be stripped of her parts to fund a new project for the new year.

2011 will be bringing awesome things, especially for JDY Motorsport. I have a new camera, new plans, new merchandise and now a new project car so I say, BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!

So to conclude ”New Years Evolution” I’m going to end on yet another well known phrase, this time a lot more postive…

Where one door closes, another opens.

I had a rough start to 2010 and managed to make huge things happen, the fame and recognition JDY Motorsport has gained since the summer has been insane and I’m so happy with the direction its gone in. Thanks to all of you who supported me, helped me out in generally looked out for me. If it wasnt for JDY supporters and the best friends a guy could ask for I’d still be stuck doing sweet F-A, most likely still unemployed and having a pretty boring time spending my time and little amounts of cash on utter shit.

Thank you all!

As far as the Roadster goes, It still stands as the best/fun car I have ever owned. I will never forget it and I would never ever dream about bad mouthing it and/or convince someone to not buy one. Yes they are underpowerd and slightly girly but I challenge anyone to get in one, drive it 3 miles and say that its shit… It isnt possible.
As for the new car, I’m not giving anything away apart from the fact that I’m buying from a very good friend of mine who has given me gigantic amounts of his generosity over the time that I’ve known him and this particular time is no exception, if not the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Lee, you are the MAN!

Some people I know locally know what the car is, but to most, I’ve kept it very quiet. All I will say is that she is imported, RWD and very tunable.

Not the most givaway clues but atleast you know I’m getting something pretty dope. Guess you’ll just have to wait till Monday before you find out…

Take care everyone, the very best of luck and happiness for the new year and every one that follows.

Rest in peace, Eunos Roadster.

10/89 – 12/10

:: James Young


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