Bad Luck, A State Of Mind?

21 Nov

You know the feeling, ”One thing after the other”.

The Roadsters been on the road just over two weeks now doing some long journies and yesterday after the Honiton drift day I managed to reach the first 500 mile mark. All was going pretty good until today when a small mishap occured causing me to have to get towed a labourious 20 odd miles back to Garage JDY.

On the first run the car broke down and had to be fixed due to the bolts on the water pump pulley only being hand tight, it seems that the bolts on the ancillary pulley had the same treatment….

So after 600 miles, pulling into a space at work, a nasty tapping noise was not really what I expected to hear. I quickly thought the worse and convinced myself that I’d eff’d the bottom end again. When inspecting I then hoped for the best and checked the water pump pulley to see if it was loose again but nope, she was solid. Deciding that I would start the car again wasnt the best of choices but in doing that I caused the four pulley bolts to completely shear off at the heads leaving four treaded bits of metal tightly screwed in to the underdrive pulley.

I’m glad in a way that this all didnt happen yesterday or at 80mph on the way home today but I now have a car with no PAS, no way of rechaging the battery and worst of all, no cooling system.

Whats also lucky is that it wasnt me who put the pulley on.

So how am I gonna go about fixing this little problem?
Ill have to start by drilling out the existing bolts, retap the holes, find new bolts and a new pulley as the old pulley doesnt have round holes any more….

Cars are fun.

And once again, I leave you with this picture….

::James Young


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