Risen From Deaths Grip…

16 Nov

Its been quite apparent that my Import Roadster Project hasnt been updated for a long time. Thats because me and a few others have been working hard to bring her back to life…

No no… dont worry, I didnt crash her…

Infact because my NA6CE Roadster is a pre ’93 it was fitted with the cheese like ‘Short Nose Crank’. Not gonna pretend I know everything about it but what I do know is that they fail hard when faced with hard driving, much like the CA18det from the 200sx. From owning the car since May 2009 I have managed to destroy 2 sets of bottom end bearings from sliding in dry weather so a new, later model engine was called for.

Luckily a good friend of mine had a spare ’93 (Long Nose) Motor lying around from his 300hp SR20det powered Eunos Roadster Project. He very kindly handed over the engine for a extemely resonable £70.

After all this time having a rattly bottom end and a spare NA6 motor lying around I finaly pulled my finger out and got the old engine out and the new one in… after a very drawn out and expensive rebuild.

I replaced all the bearings throughout along with oil seals and all gaskets, new ancillary belts were added to the shopping cart and even a non A/C power steering belt as having A/C on a car like this is plainly stupid, especially what I want it for. A/C compressors draw power from the engine and are frickin heavy! It was a MUST!

Next were a set of NGK-R, BKR7E-11’s, one grade cooler than the recommended BKR6E11’s. These should help with the turbo, once fitted, although they make the car a bastard to start on a cold day.

My old engine had a fairly new water pump fitted so that was donated as the water pump on the ‘Long Nose’ was leaking slightly. Oil pumps for these cars are like gold dust… if you can find a decent brand new oil pump in the uk email me like… now!

I still have an oil filter relocation kit and cooler to go on after the first few oil changes, this should help keep all the nasty oil temps down. The kit I bought was from JPerformance and was actually for a FC RX7 so came with a 12 row cooler which in all honesty isnt that good quality so eventually I will swap it for a 9 row Mocal item.

The bay has also been painted satin black to make everything look cleaner and to bring out the color of the valve cover and pulleys ect. More pictures of the finnished bay soon….

Further back in the post I mentioned fitting a turbo, those who follow me on Facebook would have seen I have been on the look out for a top mounted manifold for the T25 turbo I have, thanks to my bro Matt Banks. Basicly I doesnt exist…

Thats when another good friend of mine came along. Aden Gibson is an apsoute expert in fabrication, normally working with aluminium for an industrial roofing company owned by his father. Me and Aden go waaay back to the age of 12. He kindly offered to fabricate the manifold and elbow for me so I aquired a few flanges from some other awesome mates… an aftermarket mx5 header flange, an after market S14a turbo flange and an SR20det Redtop aftermarket elbow with exit to suit a 3” downpipe. Luckily, Aden has told me that at his work he has about 6m of 3” stainless tubing lying around spare so looks like the Roadster will be getting a 3” system.
Aden is considdering branching off to do this kinda stuff on his own, I think its an awesome idea, he’ll certainly have alot of business from me and my friends.
He will be looking into mainly working with Alu, so thats header tanks, catch tanks, ally rads, intercoolers, piping ect.

More updates very soon…
And hopefully get some more shots of the car.

:: James Young


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