Jim Hicken’s Silvia S15::

27 Sep

After the very successful Luke Giles feature, Jim decided he’d very much like a feature for his S15…. and I wasn’t about to turn that down! Especially as Jim is soon to be leaving the UK for a new life in Ontario, Canada. Fair choice if you ask me, the scene in Canada for stanced-out drift cars is insane and far better than anything in the UK. Plus work is easier and more rewarding for him out there.

Not that this car has ever been used for sliding, would you wanna smack that Silvia?

Since I first layed eyes on this S-body I couldnt get enough of it, everytime I saw it I had to shoot it and it always made awesome pictures from any angle. You only just have to look back through the pages of JDY Motorsport Uk to find all the dope shots of this car, its so clean and so well thought out.

Now that Jim Has decided to move to Canada this super awesome Silvia is up for sale so for any more info on the car leave a comment and I will provide you with all the relavent details to get in contact with Jim.

Lastly I would like to say take care to Jim and good luck for the future and hope he comes back once in a while to visit which I’m sure he will. You will be missed greatly my friend.

:: James Young


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